Rebecca Carr's Shower
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Saturday, September 16, 2017
By Southwest Baptist Church
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The ladies got together and hosted a shower for the soon to be Mrs. Wardrip.  We had a great time fellowshipping over the variety of finger foods everyone brought.  And of course, no fancy get together would be complete without Mrs. Gunter's ginger ale punch.  Everything turned out so nicely.  The first game was a ring game where everyone started out with the same number of rings.  From that moment on the word "wedding" was no longer allowed to be said or you lost a ring.  Rebecca started out with sonar ears and got the first one.  That was funny.  After the meal we played "How well do you know Rebecca".  Surprisingly only her mom got more than half right.  In all fairness, Rebecca did say that some of the questions were hard because they could have more than one answer.  Next, she walked around the room in an apron that had mostly kitchen utensils attached to it.  When she left the room, the ladies were to recall what items were in the pocket of the apron.  We had a tie of the exact items.  The last game was a "He said - She said" kind of game.  Out of 24 questions that Nate answered, only 11 of Rebecca's answers matched his.  She had quite a wad of gum to chew.  lol  And then presents!  So many kitchen gifts were given that she says she'll need a bigger kitchen, Nate.  Thank you each and every one of you that helped!  It was a blessing!

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