Our Pastor


Thank you for visiting our website. It is my privilege to serve the people of Southwest Baptist Church as Pastor.

Southwest Baptist Church has experienced a powerful presence of God since 2004. He has been molding, shaping, directing and blessing His Church while we met in temporary facilities. Our new church facilities on Hwy 191 at this time is completely debt free and is nothing less then miraculous as we have seen God's great provision again and again manifested. He truly has confirmed that this Pastor and People are traveling the right path and seeking the right things pleasing and honoring to Him. He faithfully has been preparing us for the day you would come.

Southwest Baptist Church is becoming a place where people find friends, acceptance and love; a place of real faith, answered prayer and fellowship. Our church is a place where families can trust the commitments of teachers and workers made on your behalf. Southwest Baptist Church is a place where all sense the very presence of God as He speaks to us from the pages of His Holy book. This is a place where hearts are touched and changed.

As the ministry of our Church here continues to grow, we are honored to serve you! As we continue to minister to and welcome families from Midland, Odessa, Gardendale, Greenwood, Stanton and beyond, our joy and dream is to effectively feed you spiritually from God's Word that you will find real faith for real problems with real solutions.

Let us know if you have any further questions and let's have coffee sometime!!!


Verl R. Gunter