Who We Are:

We are a Church, Rich in Heritage and Culture from the past, living victoriously in the present, preparing and looking anxiously towards the future. We are what all true Baptist Churches used to be: "Independent."


Sovereign Church: (Answers only to God)

Independent of any Denominational controls: that might try to politic, manipulate, establish policy or place monetary quotas upon us. We believe what all true Baptists profess to believe. (see our Statement of Faith)

Godly Leadership:

Independent Baptist Churches believe that the Biblical plan for the church is to be led by the "Shepherd" God leads to us through the Holy Spirit (also known as Elder, Bishop or Pastor).

Sunday School:

Our Sunday School has an emphasis upon the Bible as its Textbook.

The King James Version is a classic and the one we believe to be the preserved Word of God that does not leave out words or verses as do other versions. Classes are for all ages and are involved in actual Bible study with suitable visual aids for each respective age group.

Our Sunday School Teachers:

Our teachers and workers are requested to live Godly lives at all times. We desire the best possible Bible teacher and example for all of us.


Preaching Service:

Sound Biblical preaching with simplicity geared to winning people to Christ and a wide range of relevant subjects for today's issues; bringing encouragementmotivation, direction, hope and answers for the Christian life. A great deal of care and time is spent in making the message understandable for every age group, with a definite emphasis on Our Lord's Return!  A sincere welcome for the poor as well as the affluent. We do not believe that any church should place more importance on the outward man as opposed to the inward.


A special emphasis is placed on missions - where every mission dollar is used for missions. Most Denominational oriented Baptist Churches send their mission offerings through a planned program where distribution is left to the discretion of a Committee, because it is not the desire of that local Church to designate its offerings. As Independent Baptists we commit ourselves to a designated amount of monthly support for a definite missionary or mission project and our congregation receives personal letters and receipts from those receiving contributions. We feel this brings the congregation into a personal relationship with its missionaries and mission projects. We ask the missionaries to personally visit our church.

                                                                                        "Taking our Heritage into the Future."